Get It Right!

Ms. Get Right 

Hello All.

This is the one and only Ms. Get Right, and welcome to The Guide to Getting it Right.

My goal is that when you leave here you will have a plan for how you are going to GET YOUR LIFE right. Whether through marketing advice, branding strategies, event planning techniques, food recipes, first time mommy tips, or any of the thrilling topics I am armed and ready to cover.


my website: Twitter: @_msgetright Facebook: Ms. Get Right PR


5 thoughts on “Get It Right!

    • Wandawegman,

      Your excitement is really motivating me, thank you so much for taking an interest. This is going to be a journey, but stay tuned and I promise to entertain.

      Ms. Get Right

  1. Ms. Get Right glad I found someone who I can relate to. I have also found “Pregnancy” to be a fearful situation in my life. For the past 8 months I have been afraid to let certain family members know that I have a baby girl on the way. Only because I can hear them telling me “Teri I thought you where the smart one. Why would you go and get pregnant?” Not only that but as I get closer to my due date the more fear I have to face. I think about the things you did when you where pregnant from the contractions, epidural, c-section and all the other things that comes with having a baby. The time is coming really quick and I can’t seem to shake fear away. The more fear I have I become more fearful of being a mother…. I can’t wait for it to be over with. I don’t like to be fearful of anything.

  2. Reezy Red,

    Exactly why I want to write this blog. So many young women are afraid of really embracing the beauty in their pregnancy because of what OTHER people think they should be doing with their lives. But we have to tune out what people might say and do and focus on what we are doing and how to live with ourselves. Your happiness is first priority, and that is especially important to remember when having a baby; because even after having children we must still make time to put ourselves FIRST! I KNOW you are going to be a great mom, and i am so excited for baby girl! Enjoy this time.

    Ms. Get Right

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