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I have to admit that I am one of those people, who enjoys being busy.

Which is why I jam pack my life with 100 tasks at once. Currently, I am raising my handsome son (who is 3 months now), getting more clients for my growing business (msgetright.com), and of course BLOGGIN’

There is no satisfaction for me in just doing a bunch of stuff; just to say I am doing a bunch of stuff. I like for things to be done RIGHT! (Which might explain the name “Ms. Get Right”).

So I have to announce that I will be taking a BRIEF break from blogging. Only until February 1st. From that day on I will be giving you so much ME you will be sick (but happy), Sorry for the intermission, but it will only be about a week or so, I am sure we will all live.

In the meantime read through some older posts!

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VDAY 2014 Concerts That Will Make You Fall in Love…AGAIN!


Today marks  one month before Valentine’s Day. I know, a month is a long time, but why not plan ahead and do something special. Whether by yourself, or with a special someone there are VDay concerts you should get your tickets for RIGHT NOW!

New York, New York

kings of leon shot for nme magazine, location elms lester painting rooms

Kings of Leon On their Mechanical Bull Tour, the group is making a stop at Madison Square Garden .@TheGarden for one night on their 17 city adventure.

For more info: http://www.thegarden.com/events/2014/february/kings-of-leon.html

New York, New York


Tamia The r&b, grammy nominated singer, will be gracing the stage at B.B. Kings .@BBKingsBluesNYC on the night of love, for only $40 for advance tickets and $45 the day of show.

For more information:


Newark, NJ


Mark Anthony This sizzling sensation will surely be making a steam at The Prudential Center .@PruCenter and spreading a bit of Latin love.

For the full story:


Newark, NJ


Fantasia Barrino Not that anyone asked, but if they did, I would choose to spend my valentine’s day listening to this vocal powerhouse (hint, hint). Fantasia will be doing a one night only performance at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center .@NJPAC

For more info:


Baltimore, Maryland


Kanye West. On his Yeezus Tour, this controversial rapper will be hitting the stage at the Baltimore Arena .@Baltimore_Arena , we all know he will deliver a show to remember.

For more information:


Sunrise, Florida


Andrea Bocelli  This world-renowned Italian tenor, will be serenading some lucky patrons at the Raymond F. Kravis Center for Performing Arts. .@KravisCenter

For more details:


Hope you enjoy.

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11 of the Best Home Remedies: That will cure just about ANYTHING!


image by seegul courtesy of allhealthsite.com

Tis the season for coughing and sneezing.

 Pills and drowsy syrups are not your only options.

I HATE being sick, especially now that I have a newborn. Also as a breastfeeding mom I do not take certain medications because of the risk they pose on my baby. I have found that the best thing for me and the little one are remedies created in the home. Whether you are man, woman, or child; here are a few home remedies that have worked on me and will surely work for you.

(If you do not want to read the whole shabang feel free to scroll down to whatever is making you feel under the weather..BUT HEY YOU SHOULD PROBABLY READ THE WHOLE THING – Just in case!)

Flu, Cold, Pneumonia (and just about any virus or bacteria)

OnionONIONS! Okay, so there are many ways you can do this. Some people prefer to slice the two ends of an unpeeled onion and place it at their bedside in a shallow bowl of water, others like to place onion halves above the doorways in their home. Either way onions worked like magic when it came to a bug going around my house. You may find, that if left bedside, the onion will turn BLACK! (that means it worked).

Why this works?

Onions absorb bacteria.  This is why eating an onion that has been left out is very dangerous, because it may have absorbed many harmful germs. If you are ill, the onion will take the germs right out of your body…isn’t that cool!

GarlicGARLIC! Chewing fresh garlic cloves, or as I do, making some garlic water – should do the trick.


Garlic has properties very similar to an antibiotic, and it helps to jump start your immune system. Also good for high cholesterol and high blood pressure.

Cough and Congestion 

Photo Courtesy of chow.com

STEAM! Not everyone has a humidifier, but as long as there is enough heat and water we can all have steam. If placing your face over a hot pot sounds a little too risky; simply go into your bathroom and let the hot water run with all windows and doors shut. The bathroom will steam up and a couple of minutes in there will definitely alleviate your cough and congestion.

Why does this help?

Cold, dry air makes you cough, the stem will moisten the air.

Soar Throat 

Photo Courtesy of webmd.com

SALT WATER! This is a quick age-old remedy that has always helped my soar throat. Gargling warm water with a few spoons of salt, a few times a day, at the back of your throat – works wonders. Just remember spit. not swallow.

Why does it work?

The salt loosens the mucus and reduces swelling.

Photo courtesy of fastmetabolismdiet.com

FLUIDS! a good ol’ cup of water, watered down juice drink, or salty soup broth  is also helpful when your throat is scratchy.


Staying hydrated helps your body to fight away bad guys and keep mucus membranes moist. (try saying that 3x fast)

Glass Cup With TeaTEA! I love a good cup of tea; especially since I do not drink coffee (<- shocking I know.) When I am not feeling well it is no struggle to keep the kettle on and the water hot, such a soothing way to keep you healthy. Feel free to add honey or lemon. WARNING! Do not give honey to small children and babies.

Por Que?

Most teas have antioxidants. and it is so yummy!


SALT WATER…again! Swooshing warm salt water around a problem tooth has always worked for me.

I have heard that you can also try  (I have not done these things so I am not recommending them, just throwing it out there):

Alcohol(on the tooth, not swallowed) (the kind you drink, not rubbing)

Vanilla extract

A tea bag

An Aspirin (on the tooth, not swallowed) 

The Science?

Salt water will help with soreness and help remove food stuck between your teeth.

Tummy Troubles and Morning Sickness

Mint TeaPEPPERMINT TEA! Honestly, peppermint in general is great for stomach aches and I swore by it during my pregnancy to help with morning sickness. Although not listed above peppermint is also great for skin (applied topically), congestioncold, and flu. I am no scientist, but I would expect it works great for a lot more things as well.

How so?

Peppermint helps food to pass through quicker, and improves bile flow.

Watermelon SlicesWATERMELON! I love a juicy slice of watermelon, and lucky for me it is super healthy for you. This was another fav during my pregnancy for morning sickness, a way to stay refreshed and hydrated, and a killer craving.

Why watermelon?

Watermelon has like 100000 benefits. It has been known to help prevent cancer, cataracts, hangovers, and lots more. It has vitamin c, potassium, and it is 92% water.

No matter what the illness or ailment if you are not feeling too funky let your body REST. Take a day off for sleep and relaxation; you will be surprised how much better you will feel afterwards. Also WASH YOUR HANDS, because no one wants your germs and I am sure you do not want anyone else’s, so keep your hands clean, antibacterial is handy, but I believe in the classic soap and water.



I love you for reading.

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