Top 5 #SuperBowlCommercials

Top 5 Super Bowl Commercials 2014

A recurring theme in this year’s super bowl ads: MIXING 2 UNCOMMON THINGS!

Here are my top 5 commercial picks!

(sorry about he links)

5. Turbo Tax: I found this commercial to be SO clever. As a Giants fan I know the feeling of not being able to watch your team, but to make that a great opportunity to do your taxes, HA!

4. Budweiser: Although I am STILL trying to figure out WHAT that dog and that horse have been doing. How cute to see the love between those two.

3. Cheerios: What a great way to say WE SEE YOUR RACIAL CONTROVERSY AND WE RAISE YOU A BABY! This part 2 to an already controversial, interracial commercial was a great way to say not only are we not going to apologize for our beliefs, we are going to continue to promote them GREAT JOB CHEERIOS.

2. Coca- Cola: The backlash for this commercial is already in full swing. But it is fine time to recognize that America is a country of immigrants.

1. AUDI: This was so funny/cute/weird! And to have Sarah Mclachlan, poster child for animal rights, just set it over the top for me.


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