#Single Girls and Guys Guide to #ValentinesDay

Are you single? Sick of Valentine’s Day and just waiting for it to be over!

VDay is not just about being in a relationship, it is about being LOVED and LOVING others.

Here are a few things single girls and guys can do this Valentine’s Day.

me and val

1. Secret (santa) Admirer 

Get together with a bunch of your friends and do a grab bag for VDay. Each of you pull a name and set a monetary limit for gifts. Go out and get some chocolates, candies, etc and on the big day meet up at a restaurant to have dinner, drinks, and exchange your Valentine’s Day gifts. 


2. ALL-STAR Weekend

One of my favorite Valentine’s Day things to do, is to watch the NBA’s all star weekend. This year it will be held in the NOLA, but you can watch it from home on TNT. Starting Thursday, Feb. 13th there will be Dunk-a-thons, Celebrity games, East vs West, and the infamous Dunk Contest. Take your focus off of the lovey dovey and watch a bit of basketball.


3. Volunteer for Valentine’s 

What better way to spread some love? Find a charity or organization that supports a cause you are passionate about and see how you can help. This will surely occupy your day and make you feel awesome about yourself. It is very cold outside, so have a warm heart and go to a soup kitchen or shelter and lend a hand

Ms. Get Right


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