The Woes of Having a Winter Baby

I Love My Son!

All Bundled Up!

All Bundled Up!


He was born the DAY AFTER my birthday (which is awesome); we are almost twinzies! However I was born in October, which means he was born in October, and at some point in history October became the winter in the tri-state.

What am I getting at?

He is now 4 months and his whole life it has been cold, rain, snow, ice. So here are the woes of having a winter baby (even though my handsome is a fall baby).


1. Are you sick? DONT TOUCH MY BABY!

Because it is winter I assume everybody is sick. After one cough, I am snatching my son from your arms. The winter weather with an infant has turned me into a major germ-a-phobe.


I am blessed to announce my son has not been to the hospital and throughout his 4month life he has only had ONE, brief eye infection (lasted about a week). No cold, no flu (no flu shot either), NO FEVER. BUT that is due to a lot of hard work on my part. I warm every room before I enter, wrap him like a mummy, and the breast milk helps build his immune system.

3. Cant Go Outside

I don’t know about the rest of the moms in the world, but I am not jumping up to go outside in 15 degree weather with a 4 month old, I don’t even want to be out in that cold. There are the instances when we must go out, but other than that we live vicariously through people we watch out of the window -_-.


4. Canceled Visits

So many times people contact me saying “we are coming to see the baby on Sunday”. Then there is a snow storm, or the temperature drops, or people just generally suck and NO VISIT! So getting up early to clean and look cute for company takes the place of what should have been a nap.

5. He Keeps Outgrowing Coats

In 4 months my son has had 4 coats. WHAT SIZE DO YOU WHERE? His father is 6’5”, so I was fully prepared for him to be tall, but what in the world. Why does the label say 3-6months if it is not going to fit him at 2 months? #bigbabyproblems


Peace Out!

This is my rant. Those are my woes.


❤ Ms. Get Right


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