10 Reasons Moms Are Strange


After having my son, I realized there are a few things about myself that even I consider to be a tad odd.

So here is a list of some of the strange things, I’ve encountered being a…MOMMA! (in no particular order)

1. My Google Search History 

-Some of my recent searches include: normal color of poo, poop consistency, frequency of poop, pink rash, face      rash…invisible rash? and the list goes on.

2. When people say “Mom” and they are referring to me.

-I usually do not answer or look towards my mother.. still getting over the fact that I HAVE A SON..which makes me  a MOM! #newmomproblems

3. Setting up a rocker, so that I can use the bathroom or shower when I’m home alone 

4. The euphoria I feel when there is nothing/ no one on my lap

5. Having to start getting ready at 9am for a 12pm appointment 

6. The gallons of another person’s drool I consume, poop I wipe off, and pee I come in contact with a day 

7. That time I cried because my son was laughing at his toys

8. That time I woke up at 7am to assemble a stroller

9. The amount of people that have seen my nipple/breast #breastfeedingproblems

10. The amount of things I can accomplish with 1 hand

pic 2

As with all of my lists there are 10000 things I could add; but this is a blog, not a book! But if you have some strange, cute, funny things you have experienced…do share!

Ms. Get Right <–click the link



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