A Bunch of Made Up Holidays


Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. For some that means nothing, and for others that means WAY TOO MUCH!

Either way… I was getting my google on, as I often do; and stumbled upon a few “not so legit” holidays.

If you are looking to celebrate something, here are a few, not-so-Vday ideas for you to enjoy this time of year!

Galentine’s Day – I have fallen madly in love with the show Parks & Recreation, and Leslie Knope and her female friends and family celebrate GAL-ENTINE’S day. A day made up to enjoy the company of women to chit chat, laugh, and exchange gifts and love.


Desperation Day – staying with the TV theme; on the show How I Met Your Mother, this made up day came about. The day before Valentine’s day when women are lonely and “easy”. I wouldn’t recommend participation in this one!

Spunky Old Broads Month – Well, what can I say? Actually if you go to http://www.brownielocks.com/february.html you will find that February has a lot of weird things going on to celebrate.


and if these are not enough to have you hanging streamers and blowing up balloons, how about…

Library Lovers Day – If your anything like me, you’re thinking WOAH THERE, let me pick out a new outfit for this . -_- Seriously though, for those of you who enjoy a good trip to the library..this one’s for you =D

Get a Different Name Day -This is an official copyrighted holiday celebrated February 13th, believe it ornot/


Remember! There is nothing preventing you from starting your own traditions and creating your OWN holidays. Don’t get so wrapped up in what everyone else is doing or what you think you “should” be doing.


see ya tomorrow

Ms. Get Right


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