My Journey w/ Meat-less Meals (eggplant parm)

Well! I do still eat fish, but it has been 2 weeks, no meat (chicken, turkey, beef).

It is not the easiest thing but whatever, this post is about EGGPLANT PARM!


I ate it and cooked it for the first time last night -_- .It was so far from being apart of my low-cal diet but whatever, I wanted to try something new.

I watched this video online of a guy cooking some before I made it, and I followed his recipe.

My mom had some and my BF had some; they loved it. I DID NOT!


IT WAS SO OILY! The freaking eggplant soaked up oil like a sponge.

What I did:

Cleaned and dried the egg plant

Salted the eggplant and attempted to drain some of the water out

Fried the eggplant (Let it lay on paper towel to drain out oil)

Seasoned errthing!

Layered sauce, eggplant, cheese (repeat)

Put it all in the oven


I see my fatal flaw! I messed up by frying the eggplant, I must find a better way in the future to eliminate this greasy problem.

Aside from the oily-ness the flavors were good. I am happy I am finding meat alternatives that fill me up, and I am determined to make this perfect next time. Oh how I miss chicken parm…that I can do with my eyes closed lol



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