Women Like Watching Men Cheat on their Wives

March is National Women’s HisHerstory Month, which is a great time for me to quickly let you all know about my Thursday night (I’ll tie it all together I promise).

My Thursday television line-up included Parks and Recreation, Mary Mary, and Scandal.

A few things stuck out to me while watching all this delightful programming. Each of these shows have a woman as the leading role which is great, ehhh I guess. In Parks and Rec. there have been 3 weddings (if I am counting correctly), and a host of successful relationships etc. This season of Mary Mary is focused on Tina’s husband cheating on her and last night we found out Erica’s husband might have cheated too (SPOILER ALERT!), and then there is Scandal where the whole show is rape, cheating, well you know – things that are scandalous.

As someone who is still very young and a terribly, hopeless romantic I want to get married – ONCE! I am a very loyal and committed individual who expects the same in return. Watching Mary Mary (which is a reality show) and seeing a woman BROKEN because of her husband’s infidelity makes me nervous and very sympathetic for her. Seconds later turning on Scandal to see the main character glorified for sleeping with a married man, really threw me off a bit. I know that terrible things make for great TV but what bothers me most are other women’s responses to what is depicted.


I think about BET’s Being Mary Jane, I am not a recurring viewer but I have seen ENOUGH episodes (2 to be exact) to see that the show is centered around a woman who is sleeping with or who has slept with a married man. People love that show. Week after week I see tweets and fb stats where viewers are bashing the wives, and promoting the mistress and even the cheating husband. BET even has a promotion where they are telling people to embrace their inner Mary Jane. WHAT? What does that even mean?


My favorite responses are when people tweet things like “he wouldnt have cheated if his wife wasnt such a bitch”, or “if only they could just be together”. And I wonder how many of the women who are saying these things are turning over to a man, who is faithful.Or how many of them are dumb enough to REALLY believe he wasn’t that “in LOVE” with his actual wife at one point in time.


From a far, these shows look like they have some powerful women in it; journalists, white house liasons, the first lady, etc. But the women are crying in every episode, chasing men down the street, accused of stealing sperm. I guess that is as strong as women get…idk, im just sharing my thoughts on a blog.

But I just can not seem to get over the responses to this behavior. I am going to continue to watch Scandal but I am #TEAMMELLIE, #teamcommitment, #TEAM “You can act stupid if you want to but yo ass betta pull it together because you stood at that alter and vowed to commit and I dont care what kind of “love” you got for that 2 dollar tramp; till death do us part means the only way we getting out of this is in a coffin”. Those are my teams, yes the last one is a bit long, but you get my point.


I could go on for days and sorry for not being able to really delve as deep as I want to, but as I always say this is a BLOG not a BOOK!

I just want to ask, Whats up with women? Yall really think this is okay?

I dont know, just throwing it out there. End of Rant!

-Ms. Get Right


4 thoughts on “Women Like Watching Men Cheat on their Wives

  1. Hahahaha I loved this post especially that hashtag! I just can’t see why men and women think that it’s okay to cheat…this is one reason why I;m considering not being with anyone esp right now. My ex’s mom said “ohhh it’s okay if he talks to his ex” and I looked at her like really??? But we are engaged and have a whole child together, we live together, and so on and so forth…that to me showed me her character and after that I never told her anything else that he did because she condoned it. She said there’s nothing wrong being faithful to a guy that you aren’t with…that to me is ass backwards lol

    • Aww thanx, Im glad you enjoyed! No one wants to be cheated on YET people are always cheating, and even though I am in a relationship I understand FULLY your reservations about starting a new relationship, because it sucks and it hurts when someone betrays your trust. As far as your ex-fiance even if he and his ex were friends he should have had enough respect for you to stop talking to his ex girlfriend. And I have learned that mothers are EXTRA protective over their sons so she is going to give you advice that is in his best interest NOT in your’s. IDK bout you staying faithful to someone you are not with -_-, you may as well be together if that was the case! why are you saving yourself for someone who already know you do not want. I want to wish you the best though, cause although you may not be in a relationship now, there is one waiting for you in the future. and thank you so much for reading.

      • I definitely understand what you are saying and I just think wrong is wrong and even when its your family, They should acknowledge that, but you can’t change other people’s way of thinking. I’m just glad I got of it because things were coming physical when I would confront him about what he was doing. He would push me, throw things, and more even while he was holding our daughter because he didn’t like me asking him about what he was doing. I just feel that out of safety reasons cheating shouldn’t be happening. I was that one that caught something due to me being faithful and he wasn’t and the person he got it from was having sex with both girls and guys and she gave him something and I ended up getting it. This is the main reason to me why staying committed in a relationship is important. That’s putting lives at risk. But with my ex fiance he knows better and knows about what I’ve been through yet doesn’t care enough to put both my life and our daughter’s life in danger.

      • That is CRAZY! If it doesnt feel right then most likely it isnt! I agree that there are TOO MANY nasty things floating around for people to be playing and trying dip it here, there, and everywhere! Good thing you were able to leave such a toxic relationship.

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