Catching Up!

As you know I did not post this weekend.

Well I get busy from time to time.

  • I played sister-mommy for my little brother and sis so my mom could get a 4day weekend and some much needed rest.
  • THE BET is OVER! I won!!!! My bf is a chimney and didnt stop smoking. Which is REALLY a problem because I DO NOT smoke, and I don’t do smokers. Grrrrr. Winning should mean that I can start giving my son meat, BUT I have educated myself and now I really do not want to give it to him. And even though I won the bet I still do not want to eat meat. So I am still fishin’n it out – for now.
  • I also have the coughy-sneezies. Nothing a couple home remedies can not knock out, but that did lead me to move my bed away from that drafty window.
  • What has really been taking up so much of my time… ME, MY BABY, and MY BF ARE MOVING!!! details on the move will come at a later date.

Now that we have that out of the way BACK TO OUR REGULARLY SCHEDULED PROGRAMMING…tomorrow =D

Love you for reading

-Ms. Get Right


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