Why I blog, what I blog!

I could very well commit to blogging about food and recipes,shocking videos, clothes, or anything that will get a lot of views, instantly. However I have found in the short time I have been blogging that expressing my thoughts, and conviluted opinons with those who are dedicated readers, or those who just stumble upon my writing; is very theraputic.

I am just recently coming to terms with the fact that I have many talents. As people we are taught to humble ourselves and be modest, but modesty can be a crippling burden if it prevents you from showing off your greatness with others. Before deciding to share with the internet, I had to prepare myself to be admired.(which sounds crazy, but you will be surprised how shocking admiration can be). God spoke to me, and I am normally not one to say that, but i’m telling you his message was clear and he said that you have to SHARE YOURSELF.

Lately I have been humming the tune “everybody’s got their something”, and I hope those are actually the lyrics because if so it is SO TRUE that everyone has something they can offer.

Yesterday a few people said how much they NEEDED to read my fearless posting, because it spoke to their situation, and I am not even sure how to express how much I NEEDED to hear them say that.

My point here is not that we should all start blogging, but we should all begin to give a little of ourselves to the world, because the return can be so great. If you are a singer..then SING (and I can hear some people in my head telling me I should be singing but i PROMISE I am working through that stage fright haha) , if you are a writer than by all means grab a pen.. EVERYBODY HAS GOT THEIR SOMETHING. Sometimes we need to be boastful and arrogant about our skills.


Thank you so much for reading

Ms. Get Right


Ratchet-ness is NOT Genetic

For those of you unaware “ratchet” is like new-age “ghetto”. (Advice to those unaware, move out from under that rock).

As some one who has seen her fair share of ratchet parents, I have also seen quite a few ratchet kids.


It hurts my heart because ratchet tendencies will spread throughout your brain and alter your decision making, like a cancer or dementia. That may sound extreme but those who are unable to turn their “ratchet” back off have trouble finding jobs, live in poverty, marry men with cornrows that barely reach their neck,etc. Bottom line is ratchet-ness is a serious problem affecting today’s youth.


However, I am pleased to announce that ratchet-ness is NOT genetic. Classic Nature vs. Nurture. Can you catch it? YES. Can your children catch it? Definitely. But no one is born with it so everyone has a chance, but no one is immune.

Ratchet-ness is spreading across the internet and the school system like crazy. Please keep an eye out for the regular symptoms:

symptom 1. If you don’t mind leaving the house in a scarf or wave cap, without a bra or proper underwear, with an article of clothing with the following words on it “b**ch, yolo, ni**a, etc.”


symptom 2. If you find yourself angrily screaming at service workers, the elderly, other people’s children, etc, while clapping at every word, with no regard for the people watching

Ratchet-ness in moderation is okay for everybody. If you really want to prevent “Bob Johnson” from turning into “Bob westsidegang Loyaltyovereverything Johnson” then allow yourself a twerk or two so that you will not suppress the urge too long!


As for the children. Expose your kids to more than you have ever seen. Give them a fighting chance and an opportunity to be fully functioning members of society. Ratchet parents are prone to raising ratchet children. If you feel you are too ratchet to raise your baby; befriend someone who is willing to teach your child some un-ratchet ways. So that your children can have a chance to make that choice.

Or raise them to be like lil Boosie’s daughter (so ratchet but she is SO CUTE, and a #thug)

Good Luck To You All

Ms. Get Right

This Beyonce $#!+ has Officially Gone Overboard

I get it, you all LOVE Beyonce.

Is she the greatest vocalist ever? NO

Is her writing impeccable? Not hardly

I can run done the list of things that she is not the best or greatest at, BUT I will admit that I know the lyrics to her songs, I turn her up when she is on the radio, and I recognize her talent. I also understand that she is not the best of all time in any category BUT a perfect combination of better than everyone else out RIGHT NOW in enough categories to generate noticeable fanfare!

Also her brand, branding initiatives, and public relations practice are top notch. She makes a bunch of the right moves at the right time and that is definitely the makings of a great business, she is of course a business.

HOWEVER what is wrong with the people of the world? You guys act like she parted the red sea!

Someone with that much influence I expect to hear A LOT MORE charitable, and socially responsible efforts, but whatever! I can not force anyone to save the world.That is not even why I am writing this post; because despite my many complaints – I am a fan.

I am just confused as to why she is praised so heavily. To the point where if you say anything wrong about her people unfriend you on facebook. There is a class in her name, and an article floating around that says you can obtain a Beyonce degree..WHAT!

None of you feel like you took a sip too many of the kool-aid?

I will end this rant here..I have a life to tend to!

Ms. Get Right





When my little brother was a few years younger than he is now, he and I went to a Chinese Restaurant. When we went inside he wanted to know  “If Chinese people are white, why don’t we just call them White people, like they call Guyanese people Black people”. To me, a high school student at the time, that was rather profound for a 4 year old.

While in college I chose to minor in African American studies. I am not sure which of the courses it was, but in one of them I read a piece by Henry Louis Gates entitled “Race as the Troupe of the World”. I will not delve deep into Plessy v. Ferguson, the true origin of man, and all that other stuff; don’t worry this is not a history lesson.

I will mention that from reading the piece, gathering my own opinions and educating myself, now that I am a mom I WILL NOT BE TEACHING MY CHILD RACE!

I will teach my son CULTURE, I will teach him history, geography, and DIVERSITY; the acceptance of difference. But when it comes to teaching him socially constructed groups based on pure prejudice and stereotype ILL PASS! I am not naive so I know the day will come when he is faced with a little questionnaire, census, or application asking him “which of these boxes do you fit in”, and  will hope that I have educated him as thoroughly as I am able on his history that he will make his own informed decision NOT LETTING SOCIETY DECIDE FOR HIM.

My help in this fight for racial equality will be raising my child (and future children) to know too much about history to be limited by race.


Ms. Get Right

Put Your Skirt Back On : You’re Somebody’s Mother Now

Do’s and Don’ts of Being a 20-Something Parent!

my men

My Handsome Men #kidallik @realkidallik

Having a baby at any age can be tough, but have a baby in your twenties and – things could get ugly. I have watched “20 something” year old mothers do things in the club that needed a tad more class and wear clothes that could have used a tad more fabric. And I will admit that I have watched these women with a disapproving eye, until it happened to me too. Pregnant at 21, I was still a kid and now a mom. This entire journey has not been easy, but I have created a few tips to make transitioning from partier to parent a bit easier for everyone.

(Although these rules apply to dads too…I can only speak on what I know, so I’ve geared the post towards moms)

I have never gone topless or skirt-less, but  I would be lying if I said I did not know some young moms who have; so For the Mothers:

kids nd faces

Be Silly!

DO allow your youthful spirit and energy to help you relate to your child, run wild through the house, scream instead of using your inside voice, and keep an eye on all those ‘DTF’ and ‘BRB’ text your child is sending. Because you are young enough to know about what your kid is doing that many  older moms are CLUELESS about.


Once your kids are grown the lines may blur. BUT THIS IS A DONT

DONT forget that you are a PARENT! Get your feet off of that bar, your shirt off the floor, and put your head back in the game. It is fine to let loose but whether your child is 3 or 13 nobody wants to be on TMZ or Worldstarhiphop and see their mother doing something strange for a piece of change.

tv time

Me and My Son @ TV Time

DO talk to your child like your friend, if yall are friends. If they are still very young (like my son) feel free to sit and watch your favorite shows with him or her (whether it be cartoons or Scandal), be a kid with them if the opportunity presents itself.

DONT talk to your child as if they too are an adult. Constantly using profanity AT your children is teaching them that explicit language is an appropriate way of expressing yourself. It will only hinder them when they have to integrate into society or the business world, or they do not learn when to shut it off!

mean mom

and another DONT! Tell yo’ kids or let them overhear how you went out and did (TMI) or had a fight with (TMI) or any of the madness. Save the drama, you are a momma! Trust me I know first hand. Sometimes I am going through gossip and drama that makes me feel like I am in high school, but it gets shutdown quickly because my first priority is parenting.

Although I have 100000 more .. this will be the last one!

mommydaughter selfie

Appropriate mommy/daughter Selfie

DO add your kids on social networking sites. They need to be monitored. Allow them to have computer access (under strict surveillance of course). Cell phones, tablets, and the latest gadgets. And for moms with little babies; it is your call if you want to post pix of your baby online, do not let people force you to share your pix or discourage you from flaunting your baby all over the internet.

DONT embarrass your children online. Or show too much of your secret 20 year old life to your child. Keep in mind that screenshots can be dangerous, and the stuff online never really goes away. So behave! Keep the cleavage pix- to a minimum, butt pix – to yourself, and stop allowing your friends to tag you in pix and videos where you are too drunk/high to spell your name. IT IS JUST SHAMEFUL!


I know all of you young mommas are doing a fabulous job! No matter what society has to say about our choice to have a baby young we are literally raising the future, and one of you is raising my son’s future wife! So let’s do this RIGHT!

Ms. Get Right 

Ms. Get Right is BACK! and Staying (Read About Some of the Changes Made)

MGR big


As always I will be bloggin’ about random but relevant topics.

I now have a PROFESSIONAL BLOG too, about PR stuff where I will post weekly:


9AM every SINGLE day you can log on and find something new to read =D


Every Monday is “Motivated Monday” 

motivated monday

The series will include motivational, uplifting, or inspiring; quotes, images, or article posts so that you can start your work week off the Get Right way.


Every Wednesday is “WWW.” (World Wide Wednesday)


I will be posting deals, videos, recipes, websites, music, or anything I find cool in the hidden corners of the world wide web and sharing it with YOU!

I hope you enjoy the changes and come back to read when you can.



Ms. Get Right