Happy National Pancake Day! #freepancakes



I like a plain pancake with peanut butter and syrup on top. If I’m feeling fancy, I like a few bananas sliced inside. =D


For those of you looking for a low fat alternative, I suggest using whole wheat flour and slicing some blueberries inside.Ditch the syrup and try honey, a scoop of yogurt, or peanut butter (but have a beverage for that one cause your mouth is going to be dry).

About to go make some RIGHT NOW!


For those of you not looking forward to making your own pancakes; go enjoy A FREE SHORT STACK from IHOP today ONLY March 4th 2014. All they ask is that you leave a donation for Children’s Miracle Network Hospital.


Ms. Get Right


6 Reasons Kids Are the Best Workout Partners

As my regular readers already know, I have been eating better and working out as part of my (10 simple ways to better myself). I have discovered that of all the workout partners I have ever had, my 9 year old brother is the best yet.

Let me introduce you to Mekhi!

mekhiHis main objectives are:

  • Getting a 6-pack
  • Getting Waves
  • Getting Girls

(that is a direct quote by the way).

The last couple of days he has been working out with me and here are a few reasons why I prefer exercising with him:

1. MOTIVATION.  He has so much energy, so he keeps me motivated.

2. NO PRESSURE When I am too tired to continue and he is still going, I do not feel like I am lazy, I just say it is because he is so much younger than I am.

3. HEALTHY COMPETITION When he quits and I am still going, I feel like I am on top of the world, because having more stamina than a 9 year old makes you feel pretty good about yourself.

4. POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT After one day of working out he said to me “you know what, you look like you have lost some weight, and I am not saying that to be nice; I do not want to be nice”. and that was the nicest thing I had heard all month!

5. CONSTANT REMINDER He is so excited to come workout everyday. He reminds me CONSTANTLY that it is time to exercise, so I never miss a day.


Those are my 6!

Go find you a young relative or child of your own who wants to workout and I bet you will have a good time.

Make sure that they actually want to workout, if not they will just goof around and that will be annoying, trust me.

Good Luck

Ms. Get Right