6 Reasons Kids Are the Best Workout Partners

As my regular readers already know, I have been eating better and working out as part of my (10 simple ways to better myself). I have discovered that of all the workout partners I have ever had, my 9 year old brother is the best yet.

Let me introduce you to Mekhi!

mekhiHis main objectives are:

  • Getting a 6-pack
  • Getting Waves
  • Getting Girls

(that is a direct quote by the way).

The last couple of days he has been working out with me and here are a few reasons why I prefer exercising with him:

1. MOTIVATION.  He has so much energy, so he keeps me motivated.

2. NO PRESSURE When I am too tired to continue and he is still going, I do not feel like I am lazy, I just say it is because he is so much younger than I am.

3. HEALTHY COMPETITION When he quits and I am still going, I feel like I am on top of the world, because having more stamina than a 9 year old makes you feel pretty good about yourself.

4. POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT After one day of working out he said to me “you know what, you look like you have lost some weight, and I am not saying that to be nice; I do not want to be nice”. and that was the nicest thing I had heard all month!

5. CONSTANT REMINDER He is so excited to come workout everyday. He reminds me CONSTANTLY that it is time to exercise, so I never miss a day.


Those are my 6!

Go find you a young relative or child of your own who wants to workout and I bet you will have a good time.

Make sure that they actually want to workout, if not they will just goof around and that will be annoying, trust me.

Good Luck

Ms. Get Right



Eating Animals vs. Smoking Cigarettes


Sorry for not posting yesterday. I was OOTO (out of the office). But hopefully today’s post makes up for things.

Eating Animals vs. Smoking Cigarettes

Which is worse for you? Which is harder to quit?

The other day my boyfriend and I were discussing our son and his current diet. At 4 months he eats rice cereal (which I initially opposed) and vegetables; and of course he drinks water and breastmilk.

Soon enough it will be time to introduce MEAT!

Now for me that was no big deal, however Dad is a vegetarian, who has been trying to get me off of meat ever since we met. But I am a carnivore who LOVES A HEARTY STEAK.

I introduced a wager. Starting the month of March he will stop smoking and I will eat NO MEAT (however I will still have seafood). If either of us is caught sneaking, then all bets are off!

Luckily for me I have been trying to cut back my calorie intake and this bet will push me to monitor my eating (and hopefully lose a couple pounds too). As far as Dad is concerned I REALLY want him to kick that stinky habit and since lung cancer doesn’t scare him; maybe the thought of his son ingesting meat will be enough for him to put down the cigarettes.

Lets see who has more will power. (I think it is me). I am excited to learn and post meat-less and filling recipes, so that is something to look forward to, i guess!

My next Post will be a review of Dinosaur BBQ, so be sure to come back tomorrow.

Ms. Get Right

The Woes of Having a Winter Baby

I Love My Son!

All Bundled Up!

All Bundled Up!


He was born the DAY AFTER my birthday (which is awesome); we are almost twinzies! However I was born in October, which means he was born in October, and at some point in history October became the winter in the tri-state.

What am I getting at?

He is now 4 months and his whole life it has been cold, rain, snow, ice. So here are the woes of having a winter baby (even though my handsome is a fall baby).


1. Are you sick? DONT TOUCH MY BABY!

Because it is winter I assume everybody is sick. After one cough, I am snatching my son from your arms. The winter weather with an infant has turned me into a major germ-a-phobe.


I am blessed to announce my son has not been to the hospital and throughout his 4month life he has only had ONE, brief eye infection (lasted about a week). No cold, no flu (no flu shot either), NO FEVER. BUT that is due to a lot of hard work on my part. I warm every room before I enter, wrap him like a mummy, and the breast milk helps build his immune system.

3. Cant Go Outside

I don’t know about the rest of the moms in the world, but I am not jumping up to go outside in 15 degree weather with a 4 month old, I don’t even want to be out in that cold. There are the instances when we must go out, but other than that we live vicariously through people we watch out of the window -_-.


4. Canceled Visits

So many times people contact me saying “we are coming to see the baby on Sunday”. Then there is a snow storm, or the temperature drops, or people just generally suck and NO VISIT! So getting up early to clean and look cute for company takes the place of what should have been a nap.

5. He Keeps Outgrowing Coats

In 4 months my son has had 4 coats. WHAT SIZE DO YOU WHERE? His father is 6’5”, so I was fully prepared for him to be tall, but what in the world. Why does the label say 3-6months if it is not going to fit him at 2 months? #bigbabyproblems


Peace Out!

This is my rant. Those are my woes.


❤ Ms. Get Right

11 of the Best Home Remedies: That will cure just about ANYTHING!


image by seegul courtesy of allhealthsite.com

Tis the season for coughing and sneezing.

 Pills and drowsy syrups are not your only options.

I HATE being sick, especially now that I have a newborn. Also as a breastfeeding mom I do not take certain medications because of the risk they pose on my baby. I have found that the best thing for me and the little one are remedies created in the home. Whether you are man, woman, or child; here are a few home remedies that have worked on me and will surely work for you.

(If you do not want to read the whole shabang feel free to scroll down to whatever is making you feel under the weather..BUT HEY YOU SHOULD PROBABLY READ THE WHOLE THING – Just in case!)

Flu, Cold, Pneumonia (and just about any virus or bacteria)

OnionONIONS! Okay, so there are many ways you can do this. Some people prefer to slice the two ends of an unpeeled onion and place it at their bedside in a shallow bowl of water, others like to place onion halves above the doorways in their home. Either way onions worked like magic when it came to a bug going around my house. You may find, that if left bedside, the onion will turn BLACK! (that means it worked).

Why this works?

Onions absorb bacteria.  This is why eating an onion that has been left out is very dangerous, because it may have absorbed many harmful germs. If you are ill, the onion will take the germs right out of your body…isn’t that cool!

GarlicGARLIC! Chewing fresh garlic cloves, or as I do, making some garlic water – should do the trick.


Garlic has properties very similar to an antibiotic, and it helps to jump start your immune system. Also good for high cholesterol and high blood pressure.

Cough and Congestion 

Photo Courtesy of chow.com

STEAM! Not everyone has a humidifier, but as long as there is enough heat and water we can all have steam. If placing your face over a hot pot sounds a little too risky; simply go into your bathroom and let the hot water run with all windows and doors shut. The bathroom will steam up and a couple of minutes in there will definitely alleviate your cough and congestion.

Why does this help?

Cold, dry air makes you cough, the stem will moisten the air.

Soar Throat 

Photo Courtesy of webmd.com

SALT WATER! This is a quick age-old remedy that has always helped my soar throat. Gargling warm water with a few spoons of salt, a few times a day, at the back of your throat – works wonders. Just remember spit. not swallow.

Why does it work?

The salt loosens the mucus and reduces swelling.

Photo courtesy of fastmetabolismdiet.com

FLUIDS! a good ol’ cup of water, watered down juice drink, or salty soup broth  is also helpful when your throat is scratchy.


Staying hydrated helps your body to fight away bad guys and keep mucus membranes moist. (try saying that 3x fast)

Glass Cup With TeaTEA! I love a good cup of tea; especially since I do not drink coffee (<- shocking I know.) When I am not feeling well it is no struggle to keep the kettle on and the water hot, such a soothing way to keep you healthy. Feel free to add honey or lemon. WARNING! Do not give honey to small children and babies.

Por Que?

Most teas have antioxidants. and it is so yummy!


SALT WATER…again! Swooshing warm salt water around a problem tooth has always worked for me.

I have heard that you can also try  (I have not done these things so I am not recommending them, just throwing it out there):

Alcohol(on the tooth, not swallowed) (the kind you drink, not rubbing)

Vanilla extract

A tea bag

An Aspirin (on the tooth, not swallowed) 

The Science?

Salt water will help with soreness and help remove food stuck between your teeth.

Tummy Troubles and Morning Sickness

Mint TeaPEPPERMINT TEA! Honestly, peppermint in general is great for stomach aches and I swore by it during my pregnancy to help with morning sickness. Although not listed above peppermint is also great for skin (applied topically), congestioncold, and flu. I am no scientist, but I would expect it works great for a lot more things as well.

How so?

Peppermint helps food to pass through quicker, and improves bile flow.

Watermelon SlicesWATERMELON! I love a juicy slice of watermelon, and lucky for me it is super healthy for you. This was another fav during my pregnancy for morning sickness, a way to stay refreshed and hydrated, and a killer craving.

Why watermelon?

Watermelon has like 100000 benefits. It has been known to help prevent cancer, cataracts, hangovers, and lots more. It has vitamin c, potassium, and it is 92% water.

No matter what the illness or ailment if you are not feeling too funky let your body REST. Take a day off for sleep and relaxation; you will be surprised how much better you will feel afterwards. Also WASH YOUR HANDS, because no one wants your germs and I am sure you do not want anyone else’s, so keep your hands clean, antibacterial is handy, but I believe in the classic soap and water.



I love you for reading.

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