ONLINE DEALS #worldwidewednesday


Hey Yall!

Since it is Wednesday I would like to share with you some #deals I found online.

Babies R’ Us

20% off one regular priced item with promo code SALES20

offer valid March 16- March 22

(there are a bunch of hidden details you can read here: DETAILS)

This coupon can be printed and used in the store!


Domino’s Pizza

50% off any pizza ONLINE ORDERS ONLY

valid March 17 – March 23rd

I actually ordered pizza on the 17th it works and it was well worth it!



This Beyonce $#!+ has Officially Gone Overboard

I get it, you all LOVE Beyonce.

Is she the greatest vocalist ever? NO

Is her writing impeccable? Not hardly

I can run done the list of things that she is not the best or greatest at, BUT I will admit that I know the lyrics to her songs, I turn her up when she is on the radio, and I recognize her talent. I also understand that she is not the best of all time in any category BUT a perfect combination of better than everyone else out RIGHT NOW in enough categories to generate noticeable fanfare!

Also her brand, branding initiatives, and public relations practice are top notch. She makes a bunch of the right moves at the right time and that is definitely the makings of a great business, she is of course a business.

HOWEVER what is wrong with the people of the world? You guys act like she parted the red sea!

Someone with that much influence I expect to hear A LOT MORE charitable, and socially responsible efforts, but whatever! I can not force anyone to save the world.That is not even why I am writing this post; because despite my many complaints – I am a fan.

I am just confused as to why she is praised so heavily. To the point where if you say anything wrong about her people unfriend you on facebook. There is a class in her name, and an article floating around that says you can obtain a Beyonce degree..WHAT!

None of you feel like you took a sip too many of the kool-aid?

I will end this rant here..I have a life to tend to!

Ms. Get Right



Top 5 #SuperBowlCommercials

Top 5 Super Bowl Commercials 2014

A recurring theme in this year’s super bowl ads: MIXING 2 UNCOMMON THINGS!

Here are my top 5 commercial picks!

(sorry about he links)

5. Turbo Tax: I found this commercial to be SO clever. As a Giants fan I know the feeling of not being able to watch your team, but to make that a great opportunity to do your taxes, HA!

4. Budweiser: Although I am STILL trying to figure out WHAT that dog and that horse have been doing. How cute to see the love between those two.

3. Cheerios: What a great way to say WE SEE YOUR RACIAL CONTROVERSY AND WE RAISE YOU A BABY! This part 2 to an already controversial, interracial commercial was a great way to say not only are we not going to apologize for our beliefs, we are going to continue to promote them GREAT JOB CHEERIOS.

2. Coca- Cola: The backlash for this commercial is already in full swing. But it is fine time to recognize that America is a country of immigrants.

1. AUDI: This was so funny/cute/weird! And to have Sarah Mclachlan, poster child for animal rights, just set it over the top for me.

Ms. Get Right is BACK! and Staying (Read About Some of the Changes Made)

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As always I will be bloggin’ about random but relevant topics.

I now have a PROFESSIONAL BLOG too, about PR stuff where I will post weekly:


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Every Monday is “Motivated Monday” 

motivated monday

The series will include motivational, uplifting, or inspiring; quotes, images, or article posts so that you can start your work week off the Get Right way.


Every Wednesday is “WWW.” (World Wide Wednesday)


I will be posting deals, videos, recipes, websites, music, or anything I find cool in the hidden corners of the world wide web and sharing it with YOU!

I hope you enjoy the changes and come back to read when you can.



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