5 Rules for Being Single

Have you ever found yourself Suddenly Single?

Leaving a relationship can sometimes feel like a time warp. Maybe you started dating your ex-husband at 35 and now that you are 53 the two of you are getting a divorce. Or even if you fell in love at 24 and a baby and some years later you find yourself single and 30. So much about yourself and your life has changed!

When you are not on the dating scene you will be surprised how different the rules are.

Here are a few tips to help you transition from Seriously Taken to Suddenly Single:

1. Announce your newly single status GRACEFULLY! Let the ones who matter most be the first to know, so that they are not finding out from a facebook status. Let them trickle the news down, as you know they will spill, even if they swore to secrecy. When YOU are ready; throw a cute pic of yourself up online with a clever caption like:”Getting back to just loving myself”.

2.If there is even a glimmer of hope for your relationship DO NOT BASH THAT PERSON ONLINE OR ANYWHERE ELSE! Sometimes you are upset about something but the two of you get over it with time and reconcile, you never know what the future holds. Imagine how stupid you will look if you have told the internet about that person having an STD (true or not). Just keep your mouth SHUT when it comes to vengeful slurs, no good will come of it.

3.Embrace your new found freedom.Get drunk, get a little crazy, reclaim your youth (or whatever years) that you spent in that relationship, no need to rush into a new one. Spend some time getting to know the new you and REFLECT so you do not make ANY of the same mistakes. But remember; Let Loose, but don’t BE LOOSE!

4.Fight the Urge to Contact. This is like the hardest part! Especially if you are used to talking to your ex-mate about everything, or if the two of you have children, OR if you have a great relationship with their family OR if you have 2947 mutual friends. But trust me it is important to clear your life.space of a person so that you can be confident in your decision to move on. Let the relationship GO if it is over.When people say “lets just be friends” they ARE NOT ready to be single and not ready to be w/o that person. So give yourself substantial time before considering a friendship w/an ex.

5.You can’t change the past, but you can have one hell of a future!Go find what you want. Do what you want. Try something new. Love louder, laugh louder, live louder. No need to tastelessly flaunt how many dates you are on or how quickly you found someone new, let your spirit show how much happier you are.

And I wish you good luck and much love.

Ms. Get Right


Perfect Inexpensive (Last Minute) Valentine’s Day Ideas


When it comes to dating, love, romance, and relationships- everyone wants a fairy tale. Unfortunately many of us who are young and in love, find ourselves BROKE and in love. As a hopeless romantic I have found myself battling with my bank account to stretch my dime far enough to put a smile on my boo’s face without leaving me in TEARS. Much like Beyonce and Jay Z, I too would like to be Drunk in Love, but sometimes my pockets sober me up REALLY FAST! So here is a guide on the Best Ways to Keep your Honey Happy on a Tight Budget.

Let’s Begin Shall We:



Everyone loves to be pampered. Put together your own little spa so that you can make your spouse feel special. This can include, but definitely not limited to: Manicures and pedicures(nail clipper, nail file, polish), oils and lotions for full body, foot, or back massages, cool refreshing drinks (with or without alcohol) or a nice warm cup of tea or hot cocoa. Be sure not to forget your bf/gf favorite candy or box of chocolates to snack on while relaxing, and a nice, soft warm blanket or robe for them to snuggle into. To top off the experience have soothing sounds playing in the background.


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The way to many people’s heart is through the stomach, so here are a few edible, yet affordable ideas.

Indoor Picnic – This time of a year is a bit chilly, but I still think it is worth bundling up with your special someone, picnic style. In order to make this look and feel EXTRA special: move the furniture, lay out a blanket, have a basket full of goodies (and wine of course), and light a bunch of candles or spread rose pedals. InstaRomance ❤

In Home Dinner and a Movie – Turn on the Netflix, or pop in your favorite DVD for a nice Dine-In Home Theater experience.

Breakfast in Bed – Do I even need to explain this one? To make it Valentine’s Day or Anniversary approved be sure to have a self standing tray and a vase with a few roses.

Romantic Dinner (at home) – Going out to eat can get expensive, to save a few bucks but still show your affection, whip up a 3 course meal. You can even make your own “menu” with a listing of what is to be served. Be sure to have a beautiful place setting w/ centerpiece.

Cook Together – Some great dishes to prepare together are tacos, pizza, cupcakes, and cakes. These are awesome because you can lay out the ingredients and both of you can put your favorite toppings. Hey maybe a steamy food fight will break out



HoneyDo Coupons – This is an old favorite, but it works. Simple redeemable coupons for your boyfriend or girlfriend to use when they want. Some coupon ideas can be sweet or spicy *wink, wink*, just remember to put “COUPONS CAN ONLY BE USED ONCE”.

Love Notes – Little post it notes with cute and encouraging messages. The trick is to hide these notes in a wallet, jacket pocket, or other surprising, frequently looked at spots. Another cute idea is to stick love notes EVERYWHERE! whether it be all over a room, laptop screen, or door; a flood of love will always be well received.

Love Letter – It may sound cheesy, but an honest and heartfelt letter can mean so much.

craft heart

Craft It!

Pictures – Compile all of your favorite pix with your honey and get them printed. Then put it together in a nice collage.

Online Videos – Put together a “Our Relationship in 1minute” video on youtube. You can add pictures and videos and if you two have “a song” have that playing in the background. Nostalgia is such a sentimental touch.

Music – Maybe I am old school, but as a lover of music, it means the world to me when someone remembers all my favorite songs. Put together a nice little playlist of love songs, or your partner’s favorite songs.

Some of my fondest memories with my BF are cute thoughtful things he has done for me that did not take a lot of money. There are probably millions of other great ideas out there BUT no one knows better than you what you and your boo are into. So get off the computer and think about what makes him/her smile. If you have any inexpensive ideas I did not list, LET ME KNOW! Drop a comment in the box with your affordable idea.

Happy VDay!

Ms. Get Right