Fried Eggplant Recipe #meatlessmeal


I was determined to make a better eggplant parm that I could enjoy as much as everyone else did, and one that was quicker and easier.

Instead of doing it like a baked dish with long slices, I made small eggplant parm appetizers! Here is the recipe:

Fried Eggplant Parm Bites



Vegetable Oil

Tomato Sauce

Seasonings of your choice (I used garlic, salt, and pepper)

2 Eggs

Bread Crumbs

Mozzarella cheese



1. Wash and dry your eggplant (before ever making EP I was so intimidated by its leathery exterior, dont be!)


2. Remove the skin. (I kept the skin on my last eggplant dish and found it hard to eat.)


3. Slice your eggplant.

*Now is a good time to put a little oil in a shallow pan so that it can be hot and ready to fry!*

4. Season eggplant w/ salt, pepper and garlic. (I have learned that EP by itself has NO taste, so please season!)

5. Dip eggplant in egg.ep4

6. Dip eggplant in bread crumbs. (if you prefer to bread your eggplant before seasoning feel free to do so.)


7. Throw eggplant slices in the pan to fry.

*This probably goes without saying but if the oil does not sizzle when placing the food in the pan, it is not hot enough and the food will be soggy with oil. Medium heat will suffice throughout!

After you have fried up all your eggplant!

1. Put a layer of sauce  at the bottom of a baking pan

2. Lay fried eggplant on top (Do not stack eggplant let them lay flat)

3. Put a thin layer of sauce on top of the eggplant

(between my eggplant and second layer of sauce I added a homemade cheese sauce I made; flour, butter, milk,  Cayenne pepper, salt, mozzarella cheese mixed together over low heat).

4. Sprinkle cheese on top.

Pop that in the oven just long enough for the sauce to heat and cheese to melt!


Happy Eating

Ms. Get Right




Dinosaur BBQ #RestaurantReview .@dinosaurBQ

I do not eat out much since I had the baby, when I do go out I don’t like wasting my time or my money on yucky food or terrible service, so to help the other moms around the world who want a guaranteed good meal, I am going to do some reviews of places I eat. This review includes TASTE, PIX, and PRICES.


Me and my friend Jack-Attack (aka Jackie) were trying to find a place where we could meet up for lunch and catch up, because we have not hung  out since Ive had the baby.

She suggested Dinosaur BBQ. They have 8 locations (7 in NY -Harlem, Syracuse, Rochester, Stamford, Troy, Brooklyn, and Buffalo. 1 in NJ- Newark).

I had heard of the place and had food brought home for me from there but never had the full dining experience…so we went. We ate at the Newark, NJ location; located at 224 Market st.

First thing I want to say: Awesome Music!

The decor was pleasing, the hostess was so nice, and it was a respectfully laid back feel; so you can talk freely at your own volume, but not like sports bar yelling.

DRINKS – I ordered a Dino-Palmer [aprox $7]  (the restaurants variation of an Arnold Palmer) and Jack ordered a Corona [$?].

Although I could see the ice in my glass, my drink was WARM! I like my liquor to be slightly chilled so that was a little upsetting, but it was yummy none the less.

Jackie’s beer was flat! I do not drink beer so I am not sure how much of a sin that is.

On to the most important part…THE FOOD!


We started with a Swag Sampler Plate for 2. Which was about $12.00

It included 2 Fried green tomatoes, 3 shrimp, 2 chicken wings (we had mild sauce), 2 deviled eggs, and 3 sauces (cocktail, ranch, and blue cheese).


The fried green tomatoes were SO DELICIOUS! It was my first time ever having and now that I know how yummy they can be I will try making them myself at home.They were topped with Parmesan cheese.. SO GOOD!!! 

The deviled eggs were too salty, the wings were yummy, and the shrimp was good too. Although 3 shrimp came on the plate and the waiter took the plate away before we could eat the 3rd one.

What we Ordered!

Jackie ordered the Cuban (pulled pork, ham and swiss, with pickles & mustard), from the Pork Bbq section of the menu (specialty sandwiches) w/ a side of mac and cheese. (aprox $11).


She says it was absolutely delicious. The mac and cheese comes topped with a spicy red powder, I do not want to say it is Chili powder because I am not certain.

I had the BBS (BBQ brisket topped with hickory smoked bacon and melted swiss; $10) (sorry there is no image). It was such a nice combination of flavors. I am a lover of swiss cheese and red meat, so I was not surprised at how much I enjoyed it.

My fav parts were actually THE BREAD and THE PICKLES. The bread was soft in the center with a crunchy exterior and the pickles were so fresh. They did not taste like they were soaking in vinegar for ever which is nice, I wonder if they make the pickles on site, hmmm?

It was the perfect quick lunch date totaling about $48.oo. The receipt had this “suggested tip” section at the bottom which we found to be cool. There are definitely cheaper eats around town, but the taste and experience was SO GOOD!


is there food on my face?

Dinosaur is good with me. I will be sure to go back, but next time to a NY location just to mix things up.

Ms. Get Right





Perfect Inexpensive (Last Minute) Valentine’s Day Ideas


When it comes to dating, love, romance, and relationships- everyone wants a fairy tale. Unfortunately many of us who are young and in love, find ourselves BROKE and in love. As a hopeless romantic I have found myself battling with my bank account to stretch my dime far enough to put a smile on my boo’s face without leaving me in TEARS. Much like Beyonce and Jay Z, I too would like to be Drunk in Love, but sometimes my pockets sober me up REALLY FAST! So here is a guide on the Best Ways to Keep your Honey Happy on a Tight Budget.

Let’s Begin Shall We:



Everyone loves to be pampered. Put together your own little spa so that you can make your spouse feel special. This can include, but definitely not limited to: Manicures and pedicures(nail clipper, nail file, polish), oils and lotions for full body, foot, or back massages, cool refreshing drinks (with or without alcohol) or a nice warm cup of tea or hot cocoa. Be sure not to forget your bf/gf favorite candy or box of chocolates to snack on while relaxing, and a nice, soft warm blanket or robe for them to snuggle into. To top off the experience have soothing sounds playing in the background.


Courtesy of


The way to many people’s heart is through the stomach, so here are a few edible, yet affordable ideas.

Indoor Picnic – This time of a year is a bit chilly, but I still think it is worth bundling up with your special someone, picnic style. In order to make this look and feel EXTRA special: move the furniture, lay out a blanket, have a basket full of goodies (and wine of course), and light a bunch of candles or spread rose pedals. InstaRomance ❤

In Home Dinner and a Movie – Turn on the Netflix, or pop in your favorite DVD for a nice Dine-In Home Theater experience.

Breakfast in Bed – Do I even need to explain this one? To make it Valentine’s Day or Anniversary approved be sure to have a self standing tray and a vase with a few roses.

Romantic Dinner (at home) – Going out to eat can get expensive, to save a few bucks but still show your affection, whip up a 3 course meal. You can even make your own “menu” with a listing of what is to be served. Be sure to have a beautiful place setting w/ centerpiece.

Cook Together – Some great dishes to prepare together are tacos, pizza, cupcakes, and cakes. These are awesome because you can lay out the ingredients and both of you can put your favorite toppings. Hey maybe a steamy food fight will break out



HoneyDo Coupons – This is an old favorite, but it works. Simple redeemable coupons for your boyfriend or girlfriend to use when they want. Some coupon ideas can be sweet or spicy *wink, wink*, just remember to put “COUPONS CAN ONLY BE USED ONCE”.

Love Notes – Little post it notes with cute and encouraging messages. The trick is to hide these notes in a wallet, jacket pocket, or other surprising, frequently looked at spots. Another cute idea is to stick love notes EVERYWHERE! whether it be all over a room, laptop screen, or door; a flood of love will always be well received.

Love Letter – It may sound cheesy, but an honest and heartfelt letter can mean so much.

craft heart

Craft It!

Pictures – Compile all of your favorite pix with your honey and get them printed. Then put it together in a nice collage.

Online Videos – Put together a “Our Relationship in 1minute” video on youtube. You can add pictures and videos and if you two have “a song” have that playing in the background. Nostalgia is such a sentimental touch.

Music – Maybe I am old school, but as a lover of music, it means the world to me when someone remembers all my favorite songs. Put together a nice little playlist of love songs, or your partner’s favorite songs.

Some of my fondest memories with my BF are cute thoughtful things he has done for me that did not take a lot of money. There are probably millions of other great ideas out there BUT no one knows better than you what you and your boo are into. So get off the computer and think about what makes him/her smile. If you have any inexpensive ideas I did not list, LET ME KNOW! Drop a comment in the box with your affordable idea.

Happy VDay!

Ms. Get Right