Ratchet-ness is NOT Genetic

For those of you unaware “ratchet” is like new-age “ghetto”. (Advice to those unaware, move out from under that rock).

As some one who has seen her fair share of ratchet parents, I have also seen quite a few ratchet kids.


It hurts my heart because ratchet tendencies will spread throughout your brain and alter your decision making, like a cancer or dementia. That may sound extreme but those who are unable to turn their “ratchet” back off have trouble finding jobs, live in poverty, marry men with cornrows that barely reach their neck,etc. Bottom line is ratchet-ness is a serious problem affecting today’s youth.


However, I am pleased to announce that ratchet-ness is NOT genetic. Classic Nature vs. Nurture. Can you catch it? YES. Can your children catch it? Definitely. But no one is born with it so everyone has a chance, but no one is immune.

Ratchet-ness is spreading across the internet and the school system like crazy. Please keep an eye out for the regular symptoms:

symptom 1. If you don’t mind leaving the house in a scarf or wave cap, without a bra or proper underwear, with an article of clothing with the following words on it “b**ch, yolo, ni**a, etc.”


symptom 2. If you find yourself angrily screaming at service workers, the elderly, other people’s children, etc, while clapping at every word, with no regard for the people watching

Ratchet-ness in moderation is okay for everybody. If you really want to prevent “Bob Johnson” from turning into “Bob westsidegang Loyaltyovereverything Johnson” then allow yourself a twerk or two so that you will not suppress the urge too long!


As for the children. Expose your kids to more than you have ever seen. Give them a fighting chance and an opportunity to be fully functioning members of society. Ratchet parents are prone to raising ratchet children. If you feel you are too ratchet to raise your baby; befriend someone who is willing to teach your child some un-ratchet ways. So that your children can have a chance to make that choice.

Or raise them to be like lil Boosie’s daughter (so ratchet but she is SO CUTE, and a #thug)

Good Luck To You All

Ms. Get Right


Getting My Life Back!



I would be lying if I said there was nothing I wanted to change about my life right now. Life can really suck you into a whirlwind sometimes, and it is easier than you think to get caught up and lose little pieces of yourself along the way. As a new mom, and a stay at home, work from home, live from home mom at only 22; there are times I’m lost in my own routine.

I have decided to get my LIFE BACK!!! with a simple list of 10 easy changes that wont require too much of a fuss. I am posting this list on the blog so that I have NO CHOICE but to follow through.

Here are some promises I am making to myself from today on:

1. No mater the weather, go outside EVERY Day

2. Significantly reduce the JUNKfood. Better eating = Better Mood..so  EAT BETTER & drink better

3. Dedicate an hour to CREATION .. DAILY! (sing, write music, poetry, make up a dance, etc.)

4.Try a new fitness regimen

5. Stop being a brat

6. Be more patient

7.Cut the crap and clean-up!

8. Complete (at least) 2 work related tasks a day (including weekends)

9.Have a Date-Night at least once a week

10. Dedicate time EVERYday to listening to music

I have my 10! I encourage all of you to create your own lists of simple life improvements and STICK TO THEM!!!

I will check in every now again and let you all know how everything is going for me…stay tuned =D



Ms. Get Right

I Have Become an Opportunity ALCOHOLIC!

Hello my name is Ms. Get Right and I am an opportunity alcoholic…


I KNOW that alcoholism is NOTHING to joke about, so please do not take this offensively. BUT nursing has turned me into a drinking optimist.

Now that my little man is eating vegetables twice a day and drinking water, less time is spent living on the breast. Not to mention he is sleeping longer hours and through out the night. And as a mom who breast feeds exclusively (no formula) this means “PASS THE COUVOISIER”.

I know to drink responsibly, and I am still timing my consumption down to the minute; but oh god it feels so good to go out and have a drink or 2 or 3. When the opportunity presents itself I am ALL OVER IT!

Oddly enough I wasn’t a BIG drinker when I was in college but then again I am ONLY 22! As soon as I was of legal age to drink I was pregnant so it feels great to have a legal drink without having to worry about having my son becoming inebriated.

I will admit that going over a year with no sauce has ruined my tolerance level but that has made things a lot more fun for me. Especially when I can say, after a long day, I HAVE DESERVED THIS GLASS!



Oh the small wonders I have come to appreciate!

Ms. Get Right

Toxic Nursery Rhymes

Seems a little dark of a topic to discuss only a day after Valentine’s Day…Oh well!

I love singing to my son. He loves singing back. But have you ever been jammin’ with your junior and really listened to the lyrics of some of the old classics?

*Please note the disturbed looks on the children’s faces as you scroll through.*

For starters:

1. “Its Raining its pouring, the old man is snoring, He bumped his head and went to bed and couldn’t wake up in the morning”

Is he dead? Does he have a concussion? Are there family, friends, or nearby neighbors that will be writing a second verse with a detailed update? Falling and not waking up…Dark!


2. Ring Around the Rosie

Songs with ashes and falling down…DARK!

3. Rock – a bye – baby

“Rock a bye baby in the tree top, when the wind blows the cradle will rock, when the bow breaks the cradle will fall, and down will come baby cradle and all”

Why is the baby in a tree? And if I know he will fall once the wind blows, am I telling him as a threat? Or am I gonna save him? …its weird, and DARK!


4. Jack and Jill

Two young children venture up a hill for water, they both fall and die. Isn’t that just dandy.

5. Humpty Dumpty

I’m pretty sure he dies at the end of his own song.


It is weird when you consider you are singing tragic songs to an upbeat melody, but we have been doing it and hearing them for so long. If you are singing any others and realize “hmmm this is a little scary” please share them! 

Ms. Get Right 

10 Reasons Moms Are Strange


After having my son, I realized there are a few things about myself that even I consider to be a tad odd.

So here is a list of some of the strange things, I’ve encountered being a…MOMMA! (in no particular order)

1. My Google Search History 

-Some of my recent searches include: normal color of poo, poop consistency, frequency of poop, pink rash, face      rash…invisible rash? and the list goes on.

2. When people say “Mom” and they are referring to me.

-I usually do not answer or look towards my mother.. still getting over the fact that I HAVE A SON..which makes me  a MOM! #newmomproblems

3. Setting up a rocker, so that I can use the bathroom or shower when I’m home alone 

4. The euphoria I feel when there is nothing/ no one on my lap

5. Having to start getting ready at 9am for a 12pm appointment 

6. The gallons of another person’s drool I consume, poop I wipe off, and pee I come in contact with a day 

7. That time I cried because my son was laughing at his toys

8. That time I woke up at 7am to assemble a stroller

9. The amount of people that have seen my nipple/breast #breastfeedingproblems

10. The amount of things I can accomplish with 1 hand

pic 2

As with all of my lists there are 10000 things I could add; but this is a blog, not a book! But if you have some strange, cute, funny things you have experienced…do share!

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The Woes of Having a Winter Baby

I Love My Son!

All Bundled Up!

All Bundled Up!


He was born the DAY AFTER my birthday (which is awesome); we are almost twinzies! However I was born in October, which means he was born in October, and at some point in history October became the winter in the tri-state.

What am I getting at?

He is now 4 months and his whole life it has been cold, rain, snow, ice. So here are the woes of having a winter baby (even though my handsome is a fall baby).


1. Are you sick? DONT TOUCH MY BABY!

Because it is winter I assume everybody is sick. After one cough, I am snatching my son from your arms. The winter weather with an infant has turned me into a major germ-a-phobe.


I am blessed to announce my son has not been to the hospital and throughout his 4month life he has only had ONE, brief eye infection (lasted about a week). No cold, no flu (no flu shot either), NO FEVER. BUT that is due to a lot of hard work on my part. I warm every room before I enter, wrap him like a mummy, and the breast milk helps build his immune system.

3. Cant Go Outside

I don’t know about the rest of the moms in the world, but I am not jumping up to go outside in 15 degree weather with a 4 month old, I don’t even want to be out in that cold. There are the instances when we must go out, but other than that we live vicariously through people we watch out of the window -_-.


4. Canceled Visits

So many times people contact me saying “we are coming to see the baby on Sunday”. Then there is a snow storm, or the temperature drops, or people just generally suck and NO VISIT! So getting up early to clean and look cute for company takes the place of what should have been a nap.

5. He Keeps Outgrowing Coats

In 4 months my son has had 4 coats. WHAT SIZE DO YOU WHERE? His father is 6’5”, so I was fully prepared for him to be tall, but what in the world. Why does the label say 3-6months if it is not going to fit him at 2 months? #bigbabyproblems


Peace Out!

This is my rant. Those are my woes.


❤ Ms. Get Right